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Certified Angus Beef® Filet Mignon

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Product Description

Our Certified Angus Beef® filet mignon is an elegant dining favorite. Uniquely tender, this steak is always sure to impress!
The term “filet mignon” is a French derivative, the literal meaning is small (mignon) bone-less meat (filet). Cut from the small end of the beef tenderloin.

Filet Mignon is considered the king of steaks because of its tender, melt in the mouth texture. It comes from the small end of the tenderloin (called the short loin) which is found on the back rib cage. Because this area of the animal is not weight-bearing, the connective tissue is not toughened by exercise resulting in extremely tender meat.

Heartland Steaks Certified Angus Beef® steaks are hand selected from Angus cattle that have met 10 additional quality standards beyond those of USDA Prime. This commitment to quality ensures that every Certified Angus Beef® steak has incredible flavor, juiciness, and tenderness in every bite!


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