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Butchers Choice Top Sirloin Steak

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Product Description

The Butcher’s Choice top sirloin is cut from the heart of the sirloin. This steak is a favorite for the steak lover who enjoys a leaner cut that still provides a robust flavor.

According to legend, King Henry VIII of England loved this steak so much he dubbed it “Sir Loin.”

Sirloin is a tender steak, perfect for broiling and grilling. Sirloin steak should be cooked by dry-heat methods. To prepare sirloin steak for broiling, grilling, or pan-broiling, trim external fat if desired. Use tongs to turn the steak as it cooks on your grill. Also great as beef sirloin steak tips.

Hand selected, naturally aged, and expertly trimmed, our Butchers Choice steaks are cut to Heartland Steaks exacting standards. Each Butcher’s Choice steak is a delicate blend of marbling and texture that delivers mouth-watering flavor and tenderness.


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