Steak Grilling Time Table

DID YOU KNOW...That only 8% of all meat produced in North America qualifies as being Certified Angus Beef ®? Whether you're entertaining, celebrating or both, Heartland Steaks hopes your steaks impress you, your family and your friends to the fullest!

Beef Cut: Thickness: Cooking Time:
  Filet   1 inch   13-18 minutes
  Ribeye, Boneless   3/4 inch   6-8 minutes
  Ribeye, Bone-In   1 inch   9-12 minutes
  T-Bone / Porterhouse   1 inch   14-16 minutes
  Top Sirloin   3/4 inch   13-16 minutes
  Strip, Boneless   3/4 inch   10-12 minutes

* Grilling times are for a grill at medium heat and represent medium rare to medium doneness.

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