Certified Angus Beef® It's about Quality, plain and simple


The Certified Angus Beef ® brand is brought to you by generations of farmers and ranchers who take pride in raising the best Angus beef. Their commitment starts at the ranch and ends at your table.

Certified Angus Beef® is the best Angus beef available, comprised of less than 10% of all beef produced in the nation.

Certified Angus Beef® is a cut above USDA Prime, Choice and Select. Ten standards above and beyond regular USDA grading ensure its incredible flavor, tenderness and juiciness in every bite.

As the third largest distributor of Certified Angus Beef® in the United States, we are able to hand select each product that we cut and ship. That means only the top percentile of Certified Angus Beef® makes it into a box of Heartland Steaks.

Why Heartland Steaks Certified Angus Beef® is the best, even better than USDA Prime

  • 31% of all USDA Prime is comprised of Dairy Cattle (Holstein), and another 23% is comprised of other non-Angus breeds.

  • USDA Prime only meets 2 of the 10 specifications required for Certified Angus Beef®
  • The focus on Angus cattle and the 10 additional standards ensure superior muscling, marbling and maturity which results in consistently incredible flavor, tenderness and juiciness.

Filet on the grill CAB
burger CAB

Why Heartland Steaks Certified Angus Beef® is even is better than, supermarket Certified Angus Beef®.

  • Heartland Steaks ages all of our Certified Angus Beef® for 21 days to maximize flavor and tenderness.
  • Heartland Steaks hand selects and hand trims each steak to exacting, steak-house quality standards.
  • Heartland Steaks individually packages each steak and immediately freezes each steak to seal in freshness and flavor.

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Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon is an extremely tender cut of beef taken from the short, or small end of the tenderloin. The low fat content due to minimal marbling makes it an extremely popular choice among steak lovers. The term “filet mignon” is a French derivative, the literal meaning is small (mignon) bone-less meat (filet). Cut from the small end of the beef tenderloin.

Strip Steak

Also called a New York Strip Steak or Kansas City Strip, the Strip Steak is one of the most flavorful and highest quality steaks on the market. Abundantly marbled and cut from the strip loin, a muscle that does very little work, our strip steak is incredibly tender

Ribeye Steak

The Ribeye steak also travels under the aliases of Delmonico or Cowboy. It is a large cut of steak taken from the rib section. Meat from the rib section is tender and more marbled than other parts of the cow. The extra marbling makes the steak especially tender and flavorful. It is often served bone-in at the finest steakhouses, but Heartland Steaks gives you the option to choose boneless or bone-in.


The T-Bone is two steaks in one. Cut from the short loin, one side is a juicy Strip Steak and on the other is a delicate Filet Mignon. The bone provides additional flavor along with the thick marbling. This steak is able to satisfy large appetites while making dramatic plate presentations.


Affectionately called the King of Steaks, the Porterhouse reigns supreme. A Porterhouse is essentially the same cut as the T-Bone, but with one exception: the Filet will always be larger on a Porterhouse than on a T-Bone. Known for its size, the Porterhouse steak is guaranteed to satisfy the heartiest steak appetite

Top Sirloin

The bold, robust flavor of our Certified Angus Beef® top sirloin steak makes this a favorite of steak connoisseurs. Carefully crafted from the heart of the sirloin, this steak is naturally lean, but with a rich, meaty flavor. According to legend, King Henry VIII of England loved this steak so much he dubbed it “Sir Loin.” Sirloin is a tender steak, perfect for broiling and grilling.

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